About us

The Your Cultural Escape was born from the desire of creating and sharing experiences in the field of cultural and scenic touring, in the region north of Lisbon.

More than being a tourism company, we like to call ourselves hosts of a territory, in which  we can explore the landscape and the cultural heritage, making interpretive tours, storytelling, tours with historical re-enacting, playful educational outdoors, discover and tasting the region aromas and flavours, escapades, and much more.

Our experiences are true travels back in time, where History has a lead role but where stories and curiosities are not forgotten.

We reveal breath-taking rural and natural landscapes and a chance to sublimate your senses through unique gastronomic events.

These are moments of joy and relaxation, with family or friends.

Because for us the cultural heritage is to be lived, accept our invitation. 

What we do:

We create experiences, reveal places and untold stories, we awake the senses by (re)discovering the heritage in the region in the following areas:

  • CULTURAL: Discovery experiences in Monuments and historical centres
  • NATURAL: Discovery experiences in natural heritage
  • OUR FLAVORS: Experiences aimed to the discovery and exploration of gastronomy and wine production
  • FAMILY & FRIENDS: Recreational activities directed to family and friends
  • GET AWAY: Routine evasion packages for 2 or 3 days
  • CUSTOM TOURS: Create your own experience. Surprise us!
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